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Kids need martial arts and vice versa

It’s never too early to start believing in yourself. For kids as young as four years old, martial arts (karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu) is a great way to develop confidence, discipline, and character – while having some healthy fun.


The Shaolin advantage for teens and adults

The study of martial arts (karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu) is like no other activity, sport, or hobby you’ll encounter. Nowhere else can you find a sanctuary for health, focus, character-building, and discipline.


A lifelong pursuit, to Black Belt and beyond

Because martial arts is well-suited for all ages, you’re able to enjoy it throughout your life. And as you progress through each stage, you see the benefits — physically and emotionally — of your success.


Think Like An Animal

These core tenets are the heart of Shaolin Martial Arts - Derived from the five sacred animals in which many original Shaolin fighting techniques and forms for self defense, health and fitness were developed.



The leopard teaches us to use strategy, planning and foresight and to be thoughtful about confronting a problem or attacker.  Fast, pound for pound the strongest, accuracy is key.



From the snake, we learn the importance of wisdom, experience and tradition, with minimalist actions used in a perfect, intense manner.  Deceptive, agile, fast, utilizing extreme chi power.

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The tiger teaches us to be simple, direct and in control of our actions, and that we are not to fear our opposition. One of the most powerful animals, it must utilize good self-control to contain itself.



The crane shows us that balance, beauty, elegance, and grace are often the first step in resolving conflict. Evasive, good at judging distance, it uses long reach and patience to its advantage.

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The mythical dragon represents all that is best, the mastery of the other four animals. When you are able to win without someone else losing, you have achieved the dragon solution. It is one of the strongest animals, using all parts of its body to defend - sometimes in winding, circular movements.

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class schedule

Tigers 4-6 yrs, Dragons 7-10 yrs, Jr. Adults 11-14 yrs


12:00-4:00 Private lessons

4:00 Dragons

5:00 Jr. Adults 

6:00 Adults

7:00pm Zumba


12:00-4:00 Private lessons

4:15 Tigers

5:00 Dragons

6:00 Instructors

7:00 Adults

8:00pm Zumba


12:00-4:00 Private lessons

4:00 Dragons

5:00 Jr. Adults

6:00 Adults

7:00pm Zumba


12:00-4:00 Private lessons

4:00 Tigers

5:00 Dragons

6:00 Jr. Adults

7:00 Adults

8:00pm Zumba


Private Lessons and Belt Test


8:30 Tigers

9:30 Dragons

10:30 Jr. Adults

11:30 Adults

12:30 Black Belts

Birthday Parties Available!


10:00 Tigers /Dragons

11:00 Jr. Adults /Adults

12:00pm Adult Beginners

7:00pm Zumba

I am very fortunate for this opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives,” Master Steve explains. “I am so proud of all our students and instructors and I am thankful for their loyalty to me, Master Lisa, and our Organization.

Steve Nakamura, Master 5th Degree, Chief Instructor PA State Director

frequently asked questions

In the spirit of continuous learning, please feel free to ask questions as they arise. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions.

Why do we bow before entering/leaving workout area?

The dojo is considered a sacred place of learning. We bow as sign of respect for where we learn not just how to protect ourselves, but life lessons.

How do I tie my student’s belt?

One of the senseis can teach a parent if desired. Belts are put on once inside the workout area.Teens and Adults should wait until the instructor tells them to tie their belt.

(Put the middle of the belt on your belly button and bring both ends back to front. Wrap left end over right and tuck left end under both loops, Wrap right end over left through just one loop and pull tight.)

When does my student get the next belt?

With each belt, new techniques, as well as new responsibilities, are expected. Like our own unique personalities, we all learn at different paces. Some students have greater coordination, some learn defensive techniques and forms easier, some are more disciplined.

The total outlook the student exhibits in their behavior and demonstration of skills determines when they are ready to test.